What Can We Do For You

Hranec Corporation is and will be a contractor that you can trust to get your construction project completed on time and you will receive 1st grade quality installation.  We take a leading role in your construction project primarily focusing on HVAC work and you might ask while what sets Hranec Corporation apart.  That’s a fair question 1st all Hranec Corporations Sheet Metal Shop has capabilities that other shops in the tri state area (Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia), don’t have.  Hranec Corporation makes all of its square and rectangular ductwork in house like most of our competitors do however Hranec Corporation also has the machinery and equipment to make its own Spiral and Oval Ductwork.  For our customers this means that the specialty ductwork has no lead times at Hranec Corporation and our customers do not get a 2nd mark up Because our competitors have to buy Spiral and oval ductwork products from supply house’s or other manufacturers which at the end day drive up our competitors cost.  Not only does Hranec Corporation fabricate Spiral and Oval ductwork in house we also fabricate many more items that our competitors can’t and don’t do.  At the end our customers receive the lowest pricing possible and no lead times on any type of ductwork items need for a project to keep on schedule.


Hranec Corporation also is very different because our Forman go thru a very good training program we have set up.  So our Forman know we have a customer that deserves a quality and professionally installed job.  Yes Hranec Corporation takes this very seriously and invest a lot of our resource’s into training and putting a very knowledgeable Forman on all of our job sites.  One job sales the next it’s a statement that we live by and stand by, staying on schedule, quality craftsmanship, good communication skills and above all insuring our customers are very satisfied.


Hranec Corp, can perform any size Mechanical project from sheet metal fabrication and installation, Piping work, welding work, HVAC service and general construction service’s.  We perform many Roof Top Unit replacement’s projects which also by having a roof curb manufacturing shop gives our customers quick access to Roof Top Unit Curbs and Roof equipment rails.  All in which provides our customers with immediate access from us to fabricate and deliver our roof products to the jobs site keeping the project on schedule, not to mention our customers are buying direct with no middle man with a 2nd mark up compared to our competitors who purchase these items.


Hranec Corporation also has a full fleet of Service Vans and well trained HVAC Service Technicians who can maintain your HVAC equipment after the installation for years to come.